CIRAD in Thailand

Last update: 8 February 2017

CIRAD has had a strong research and training activity in Thailand for over 30 years, based on institutional and scientific partnerships of excellence, notably with the major Thai universities.

A team strongly involved at the heart of national universities and international higher education establishments

Fourteen CIRAD researchers are working in Thailand. They are hosted by several faculties at Kasetsart University and a regionally-oriented international higher education establishment, AIT (Asian Institute of Technology),  KMUTT (King MongKut's University of Technology Thonburi),  LDD (Land Development Department)

The main institutional partner, TICA (Thailand International development Cooperation Agency), under the authority of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides each of these agents with the administrative and financial support.

Main fields of involvement

  • Rubber growing, productivity improvement, optimization of agricultural practices, environmental impacts.
  • Sustainable ecosystem management and soil biology.
  • Concerted management of agro-ecosystems: development of tools used to represent the interface between ecological and social dynamics.
  • Epidemiological studies and networking of information on emerging and cross-border diseases (trypanosomoses, avian flu, etc.).
  • Biomass energy and environment.

Three priority research platforms in partnership

Training activities

The researchers are involved in several training courses and supervise numerous Masters and PhDs in several fields:

  • Integrated management of water resources
  • Agro-ecological management of soils
  • Natural resource management 
  • Animal health and emerging diseases
  • Energy and the environment

CIRAD helps to set up international Masters degrees of regional scope. 

  • INTERISK Masters in "Assessing and managing health risks at animal‑human‑ecosystem interfaces
  • Masters in natural rubber production, technology and management 
     This professional Masters associates Kasetsart University, Prince of Songkla University, and CIRAD.

For further information about education and training

Last update: 8 February 2017

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