CIRAD in Vietnam

Last update: 2 June 2016

CIRAD’s research in Vietnam deals with the different development issues of a country undergoing an economic boom, which is having to deal with a strong increase in local demand for food products. CIRAD is thus working with government organizations in setting in place general policies for the rational, ecological and sustainable intensification of plant and animal production in a context of severe land constraints making it necessary to produce more on increasingly small areas, with the obligation to more effectively satisfy the quality requirements of its population.

An official status in the Maison de la science française in Vietnam and national partner organizations

Like CNRS and IRD, in 2006 CIRAD acquired a five-year official licence for operations in Vietnam. The Regional Management Offices have therefore been pooled in the "Maison de la science française" in Vietnam under a bilateral agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST).  France thus has a set-up in Hanoi that is unique in the world, housing the representations of CIRAD, CNRS and IRD since 2007 in a “Maison de la Science Française”, located outside the Embassy (though in permanent consultation) as close as possible to their Vietnamese partners. This set-up also makes for greater visibility and enables the pooling of resources and multiple joint operations bringing into play their complementarities, for stronger action with their scientific, academic and industrial partners, be they French of Vietnamese. The scientific cooperation of each of these French research organizations is fostered by a history abounding with initiatives, and by partnerships bolstered by relations of confidence instilled over decades of collaboration, combining research and training, and contributing to the development of Vietnam and of France.

In addition, another bilateral general agreement signed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2000 and renewed in 2008 then 2013 for 5 years, defines the terms of reference for our institutional, scientific and technical partnership.

Several specific partnership agreements have also been signed in connection with different partnership arrangements: nationally oriented Research Platforms in Partnership (PCP) or more regionally-oriented Research Networks in Partnership (RCP).

CIRAD’s staff members in Vietnam are all hosted by their national institutional partners (research centres or universities) under specific agreements. Six (6) permanent CIRAD staff members are working in collaboration with around fifty Vietnamese researchers, engineers or technicians

Main fields of involvement...

... in ecological intensification and quality development for the agricultural supply chains

  • Agroecological management of soils and sustainable development of highland zones
  • Markets and agriculture linkages for cities in Asia.
  • Health quality of foods and geographical indications
  • Sustainable development of livestock system
  • Management of emerging diseases: zoonoses

Three research platforms in partnership

Last update: 2 June 2016

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