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This page displays a subjective selection of institutionnal events related to Cirad activities in the Southeast Asia.

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    New project funded by ANR intitled “Predictive scenarios of health in Southeast Asia: linking land use and climate changes to infectious diseases”


    The project intitled “Predictive scenarios of health in Southeast Asia: linking land use and climate changes to infectious diseases” has been selected for funding by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) for funding.

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    New publication on Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia Challenges in a Changing Environment


    Southeast Asia is highly diversified in terms of socio-ecosystems and biodiversity, but is undergoing dramatic environmental and social changes. These changes characterize the recent period and can be illustrated by the effects of the Green Revolution in the late 1960s and 1970s, to the globalization of trade and increasing agronomic intensification over the past decade.

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    Vietnam: training courses « European funding opportunities: proposal writing » on Wednesday the 14th, 2017


    Within the framework of the visit to Vietnam for EURAXESS and respond to the request of the Ird Representative in Vietnam and the Director of Cirad in Continental Southeast Asia, Laurence LOMBARD from Ird in France and Claire KHOURY from Cirad in Laos, have conducted the training courses « European funding opportunities: proposal writing » on Wednesday the 14th, 2017, from 8.30 am to 5 pm at the IRD & CIRAD offices, in Hanoi. The training attracted 22 young scientists from vietnamese research institutes and universities, partners of Ird and Cirad.

  • Philippe Vaast

    Following 2 years at CIRAD in Montpellier and 4 years at ICRAF headquarters in Nairobi, Philippe Vaast has joined ICRAF in Hanoi in May 2017


    Philippe Vaast has joined the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) as a seconded researcher in Hanoi to lead locally BREEDCAFS, the international EU-funded project on selecting Arabica coffee cultivars for agroforestry systems. Philippe is a plant eco-physiologist and expert in agroforestry of coffee and cocoa. He is part of the Joint CIRAD, IRD, INRA and Montpellier SupAgro Research Unit “Eco&Sols: "Ecologie Fonctionnelle & Biogéochimie des Sols & des Agroécosystèmes" http://www.umr-ecosols.fr/index.php/fr/

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    9th Joint Working Group Indonesia-France in Higher Education and Research


    Co-organized by the French Institute of Indonesia (IFI) and the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristek-Dikti), under the auspices of The French Embassy in Indonesia and The Embassy of Indonesia in France, the event aimed at giving to representatives from both countries the opportunity to meet and:

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    Regroupement CDS DRASEI 29/04/17 – 02/05/17 Seram, Moluques, Indonésie


    L’édition 2017 de la Commission de Site de la Direction Régionale pour l’Asie du Sud Est Insulaire s’est tenue du 29 avril au 2 mai 2017 en Indonésie, aux Moluques, dans l’Ile de Seram avec regroupement préalable à Ambon, sous la présidence d’Alain Rival, Directeur Régional.

  • Robin Collombet

    Robin COLLOMBET has moved to Laos (Sam Neua) in january 2017


    Robin COLLOMBET is an agronomist, graduate from ISARA-Lyon and Wageningen UR. He specialized in agroecology and development during his studies. He later on focused on systemic agronomy in his early professionnal experiences in a french local NGO (Centre de Développement de l'Agroécologie). He has moved to Laos (Sam Neua) in january 2017 to become part of EFICAS project. He will assist in the coordination of project activities in Houaphan province and in the valorization of scientific data . More specifically, he will work on interactions between livestock systems and the development of innovative cropping systems.

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    A successful launching for the SALSA partnership platform in Malaysia and Indonesia


    Michel Eddi, CEO of CIRAD, joined the President of the French Republic François Hollande during his State visit to Southeast Asia in March 28-30, 2017. On this occasion, he initiated with several CIRAD partners the construction of the SALSA (Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in Southeast Asia) partnership platform dedicated to the sustainability of perennial crop systems throughout the region. The launch of this ambitious scientific platform, in which training will be a pivotal component, was formalized by the signing of two multilateral agreements, under the patronage of the French Head of State, in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Government Malaysian and the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

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    Next Generation Torrefaction Technology Development for Thai Biomasses


    Dr Nakorn Worasuwannarak with contibution from Dr Patrick Rousset of CIRAD is leading a NSTDA funded project entitled “Development of New Torrefaction Process for Thai Biomasses”. Other partners are: Mahassarakam University (MU) and King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB).

  • Estelle Bienabe

    After 6 years at Cirad scientific direction in Montpellier, Estelle Biénabe has joined the Casrad in Hanoi in September 2016


    Estelle Biénabe has joined the Center for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (Casrad) as a visiting researcher. She is conducting research on quality standard development, notably geographical indications, and on linking rural and urban transformations through value chain approaches.

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