Feed-back seminar and workshop “Wildlife-livestock-human health in Indonesia"

During two days (10th and 11th October), 40 researchers and students from Gadjah Mada University (One Health Center, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Medicine), CIRAD (Montpellier and Bangkok), University of Bogor, University of Antwerp (Belgium) and INRA (Toulouse, France) gathered in Yogyakarta in order to exchange and pave the way for future collaborative projects on biodiversity and health in Indonesia.

During the morning session organized on October 10, nine scientific presentations (two keynote talks by Dr Morand and Dr Michaux) were given on various topics and perspectives related to biodiversity, health and societies, ranging from human-wildlife conflicts and parasites, to genetic tools. The afternoon was dedicated to presentations of students’ research proposals and comments by the panel of expert. The next day was dedicated to brainstorming and drafting of joint project proposal: a proposal on ‘Sumatra elephant conservation genetics and conflict mitigation’ should be finalized for submission soon, while the projects on ‘Livestock-rusa deer interactions’, ‘Socio-ecology of rabies in Bali’ and ‘OneHealth management of dragons’ will be fine-tuned during the coming months.

It was suggested that a follow-up workshop should be organized mid-2018 for the inauguration of the One Health Research Center in Komodo Island.

The event was organized by Prof. W. Artama (UGM/GREASE) and Dr M. de Garine-Wichatitsky (CIRAD/GREASE), with the financial support of the Institut Francais d’Indonésie in Jakarta (AAP Science et Impact) and the workshop was attended by Prof N. Gascoin.

Useful links:  https://www.grease-network.org/

Published: 20/10/2017

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