Seminar on Challenges and Perspectives of the Arabica and Robusta Value Chains in Vietnam: Research and Projects in actions, septembre 2017

Over 15 research institutes and development organizations, NGOs and stakeholders of the private coffee sector were present on Tuesday morning, September 12th 2017, at IPSARD headquarters in Hanoi to share experiences and information on ongoing research and development activities related to the coffee sector and the producing regions of Vietnam.

Thirteen oral presentations were given in the seminar. These presentations were followed by a round-table discussion where participants share their views on challenges of the Vietnamese coffee sector and gaps in technical knowledge. Six main areas were identified, namely 1) control of pests & diseases, 2) access to high quality coffee and shade tree material, 3) sound recommendations on management of soil fertility, irrigation practices and adaptation to climate change, 4) improvement of coffee bean and cup quality, 5) reduction of farmers’ exposure to high coffee price volatility, and 6) access to micro-finance and credits.  

 From the presentations and discussion, it appears that several topics such as soil fertility and water management, adaptation to climate change, analyses of value chain and public policies, have been studied independently by several institutions. Subsequent meetings in smaller groups, specialized in these various topics, should be worth undertaking in the near future to come up with shared points of view on these key issues.   

 There was a general agreement that this seminar should lead to the constitution of a “Research and Development Network” that should involve all the participants (research and development institutions, NGOs, farmers’ organizations, private companies) and meet regularly (twice a year) to:  

 1)      continue exchanging information, analyses and results on coffee issues, in Vietnam and beyond in the ASEAN region,

2)      develop research collaboration in the future,

3)      play the role of technical advisor to the Vietnam Coffee Coordinating Board (VCCB) and the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) programme on coffee via existing links between IPSARD and VCCB as well as IDH and PPP.

Pls click the link to download the presentations:  https://www.slideshare.net/agroforestry

Published: 17/10/2017

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