Research in partnership

In order to implement CIRAD’s scientific operations and ensure continued access to experimental sites, increasing use is being made of research platforms in partnership, multidisciplinary platforms jointly constructed with our partners.

  • Platforms for Research and Partnership

    Village et terroir agricole sur les pentes du volcan Mont Bathur à Bali, en Indonésie. © Cirad, G. Trébuil
    CIRAD is involved in four research platforms in partnership in continental Southeast Asia, focusing on rubber growing, conservation agriculture, markets and agriculture linkages for cities, and animal health. A platform on forestry and climate change is currently being consolidated from Indonesia.
  • Research units operating in Southeast Asia

    Femme conduisant une vache au pâturage. © Cirad
    Eleven CIRAD research units (its own or joint research units) are operating in continental Southeast Asia, with 31 expatriate staff in the four countries of the zone. Seven research units, with a staff of 14, are operating in the Southeast Asian islands, of which three units in common.

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