Services and expertise

In addition to the staff members posted to Southeast Asia, appraisal missions are also undertaken by other CIRAD researchers in all specialities.

Expertise of the CIRAD research units operating in Southeast Asia

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The teams and their specialities in the countries of the region

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  • Analysis offer of CIRAD: Checking the conformity of Hevea budwood gardens by microsatellite DNA analysis (Rubber ID)

    For rubber growers, checking clonal identity in budwood gardens is essential. Prior to planting out, it ensures the trueness-to-type of the improved planting material chosen by the grower for its yield potential, agronomic qualities, or disease resistance. A clonal error will have effects over the 25 to 30 years’ exploitation of the plots involved. Checking the quality of propagated planting material therefore has a direct impact on the economic performance of plantations and the ecological intensification of yields per area of land.

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